Vulnerability and Security Auditing Management.

VulneraSec is a centralized vulnerability management system that integrates the information produced by several asset and software security applications.
It is the perfect application to manage security audits. Because it is a global system, it allows us to make risk-based decissions improving control, accuracy and efficiency on vulnerability resolution.

VulneraSec's general characteristics:
  • Global Dashboard: It shows graphically audit results visualizing by vulnerabilities, assets or tickets. This module is fully configurable by the client and adapts to his specific interest areas.

  • Inventory module. Asset and software management and maintenance module. All the CVSS2 scores for the Assets are configured from this module. It is possible to integrate with other Inventory systems.

  • Audit Module. Audit management system. From this module you can create and manage the audits and add vulnerabilities by importing files from risk assessment applications like Acunetix or Nessus, or personalized ones. The application allows the inclusion of evidences and other audit related files and attach to each vulnerability a workflow with states, dates and actions performed to resolve it.

  • Vulnerability Library. Vulnerability database that allows their edition and translation. Personalized vulnerabilities can be added to the database.

  • Report Generator. Powerful report generation system that allows for personalization a technical and executive levels.

  • Ticket Management. Manages tickets originated from vulnerabilities. Allows coordination with other users to resolve vulnerabilities.

VulneraSec is licensed in the following modes:

  • Cloud Mode. Accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • In-House Mode. Deployed inside the client's infrastructure.

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Benefits of Vulnerasec

  • Considerable savings in audit and vulnerability management time.
  • Improves and controls audit processes and asset evolution.
  • Unified management and multiple vulnerability treatment: Impact management.
  • Automated imports from other system security assessment software.
  • Teamwork towards vulnerability resolution.
  • Executive and technical reports.
  • Personalization: Dashboards, Reports and Vulnerabilities.

Main Characteristics:

  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Unified vulnerability management
  • Vulnerability Scanners integration
  • CVSS2 metrics calculation
  • Multi-user management of vulnerability resolution
  • Localization of the interface