Shared Resources Control

ShareWalkers is an automatic detection and classification system for confidential, sensitive and LOPD subject information hosted in your network shared resources and NAS/SAN.

ShareWalkers helps to identify confidential information within a large number of files thus preventing sensitive information leaks on your organization.

The analysis is performed unattended. This allows for prioritization of information reorganization processes and visualization of their evolution. During the last 15 years there has been a revolution in the digital information and Internet access.

Nowadays there is no organization that lacks in digital information in their networks which is very dispersed in location, format and content.Daily activities account for 50% of the annual increment of the digital information.

All this info can be classified in:

  • Structured Information, in applications or in databases
  • Semi-structured Information, partially modeled with limited query capability
  • Unstructured Information, without an defined schema which hinders its control, management and exploitation.

When we are dealing with structured systems, they implement access control to the info. In the case of 'Shared Folders', even though they posses a limited access control, its management can become chaotic in the access to the folder as well as its contents.

Answer the following questions:

  • Do you know how many files you have on your systems?
  • How many contain confidential info?
  • Who has access to them?
  • Could they fall under the LOPD articles?
  • Could they be out in the Internet without you being aware?
  • Do you know their size, format or how they evolve?
  • Does your file system follow a logic structure?

ShareWalkers responds to all previous questions, and allows shared resource control easy and automatically.

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ShareWalkers Benefits

  • Automated monitoring of large volume of data
  • Risk Analysis
  • Alerts by patterns, content and logic structures
  • Permission and information access control checking
  • L.O.P.D. affected files identification
  • Improve and control your organization's security systems
  • Dashboards that help with management and decision making

Control your information

  • Confidential, unwanted and sensitive files
  • Logic structure errors on your file system
  • L.O.P.D. affected files identification
  • Detection of files on the Internet