Digital Surveillance System

AzorCloud is a Real-time Digital Surveillance System that monitors Internet sites.
AzorCloud searches for confidential data leaks, security breaches and infrastructure attack vectors on the client that are made public on the Internet, organized threats, fraud attempts, branding threats, information leaks subject to the L.O.P.D. (Spanish law on personal data protection) and other threats. AzorCloud brings businesses the means to effectively manage security and protection on the Internet.

AzorCloud analyzes several Internet sources to classify quantitatively and qualitatively the results. An impact value is obtained which determines the treatment of the analyzed information. If needed, the system notifies the user of the generated alerts.

AzorCloud includes a Dashboard to easily manage the Digital Risk based decisions and asset protection.

AzorCloud Licensing adapts to your Company needs:

  • Cloud / SAAS. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • In-House. The application is deployed inside the client's infrastructure and Fortimotion delegates the data feeds.

  • Managed Service (MSSP) . The application is deployed in Cloud mode and Fortimotion provides the monitoring services. The client receives analyzed alerts as well as periodic reports on the monitoring. Of course, the client has 24/7 access to the cloud based application.

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AzorCloud Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts.
  • What is been said on the Internet?
  • Anticipation: pro-active monitoring
  • Brand name protection
  • Avoids damage propagation
  • Immediate activation of resolution procedures (internal and external)
  • Complements standard security audits
  • Parametrical analysis and normalization
  • FTE optimization
  • LOPD compliance

Business Intelligence

  • Intellectual property frauds
  • Fraudulent commercialization
  • Competition analysis and anticipation
  • Targeted topic research
  • Identity theft
  • Product and services opinion